Crimes Committed by High School Dropouts in the U.S.

1.2 Million

High School Dropouts Annually 1 Every 26 Seconds


Dropouts State Lack of Support Reason for Leaving School


• Lack of large scale, centralized system to teach youth entrepreneurship – while providing real life, hands-on experience enabling youth to informatively consider and/or pursue this career option

• Lack of jobs and money making opportunities for youth (over 50% of youth are unemployed or underemployed)

• Parents lacking ways to help kids stay in school and away from drugs, deliqueny, and gangs

• Over 90% of youth related crimes stem from youth trying to make money and fit in (with the wrong crowd)


• We teach youth life and business skills through interactive lessons, motivational videos, and virtual mentors

• We help youth earn money by selling products and services to friends, family, supporters, and businesses

• We enable supporters to help youth by simply shopping online and ffline as usual, providing micro-business loans

• We provide a safe, resource-rich, one-stop internship, work, and entrepreneurial focused online community for youth

How it Works

YouthBloc represents a real opportunity to solve crucial youth problems in a way that is catalytic. Together we will build the coolest, most powerful youth empowerment tool on the planet, and save countless young lives. If you are a youth looking to make a change in yourself or an adult searching for an opportunity to help empower our youth, find out how to get involved by clicking below.